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Topic: Asylum Seekers

Michael Graversen 1

No.1299 – 16 May 2016

Dreaming of Denmark: Q&A with Michael Graversen

Roselina Press spoke to ‘Dreaming of Denmark’ director Michael Graversen at the 2016 Human Rights Arts Film Festival.


Art / Asylum Seekers / Featured / International Affairs / Interviews

A Girl in the River HRAFF

No.1295 – 10 May 2016

Setting Change in Motion (Pictures)

Right Now columnist Adolfo Aranjuez dissects the immersive and catalytic capabilities of storytelling used in art and film.


Art / Asylum Seekers / Environment / Expression / Opinions / Women


No.1294 – 09 May 2016

Climate change and mass mobility in the Pacific

Daniel Wiseman examines the emerging challenge of displacement caused by climate change.


Asylum Seekers / Environment


No.1292 – 04 May 2016

Hodan Yasi survived Somalia, but Australian policies drove her to suicide

What will it take for our leaders to accept responsibility for the cruel and internationally-condemned refugee system they have built?


Asylum Seekers / Editorials / Opinions

Child refugee

No.1286 – 26 April 2016

The problems with limiting compassion for refugees

Wendy Chen on why empathy and compassion for refugees must inform Australia’s asylum seeker policy.


Asylum Seekers / Opinions

Muslim girls

No.1284 – 21 April 2016

Justice is achieved through empowering the vulnerable

To achieve justice, privilege the voices of those directly impacted by human rights violations, writes Right Now columnist Eugenia Flynn.


Asylum Seekers / Children & Youth / International Affairs / Opinions / Race & Discrimination

Journey propaganda

No.1277 – 04 April 2016

Pointless Propaganda: Australia’s New Instrument of Deterrence

Right Now columnist Sayomi Ariyawansa on why the Australian taxpayer-funded telemovie Journey is pointless and misleading propaganda.


Asylum Seekers / International Affairs / Opinions

Broken Glass In Inside Silhouette Window

No.1274 – 29 March 2016

The Breaking of a Man

Mark Isaacs creatively retells the story of one young asylum seeker, Sameer, drawing on his time spent working inside Australia’s detention centres.


Asylum Seekers / Creative Works / Prisoners' Rights


No.1270 – 21 March 2016

Grindring For Justice

Mobile social networking app Grindr illuminates not just sexual possibility, but also debates around sexual justice. By Senthorun Raj.


Asylum Seekers / Featured / Gender & Sexuality / Right Now Essay Series


No.1269 – 18 March 2016

Australia: a world leader in shirking refugee obligations

Asher Hirsch, Policy Officer at the Refugee Council of Australia, explains how Australia leads the world when it comes to offshoring its human rights obligations.


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