Incremental Changes

By Dave Clark
Creative Commons/John Englart (Takver)

There has never been a           dictatorship
where a country has an unshackled
press and freedom of expression

So why do I feel                                  unnerved
when our Government raids the ABC

When it is trying to legislate a—
—gainst people                                       protesting

When it exposes whistle blowers and
has a person in secret                                      detention
on undisclosed charges

When it locks asylum seekers on
prison                                                                  islands
and proudly breaks human rights to do so

Documentaries about tyranny
are critiques, not

But there are creeping signs of history

Friends shifted a piano                                                           six
feet across a stage before anyone noticed
Nudged it a few centimetres each week

I feel unnerved
about where our                                                                                  incremental
changes are taking us


Review – Renewal: Five Paths to a Fairer Australia

By Georgia Cerni

Sophie Cousins’ book Renewal: Five Paths to a Fairer Australia is, in many respects, a proposal. For Cousins, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided Australians with an opportunity to reconsider the ways our society currently functions. Cousins aptly makes her case – while in some ways the pandemic reinforced burgeoning inequalities, it also presented us the chance to apply collectivist values to solve systemic problems.