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children in detention

No.1197 – 4 September 2015

Over 200 Children Are Still Locked Up. Immigration Detention of Children Needs To End

Claire Hammerton of ChilOut argues all children should be removed from onshore and offshore immigration detention and appropriate laws enacted to ensure children are never again detained for prolonged periods.


Asylum Seekers / Children & Youth / Opinions

Home office

No.1196 – 3 September 2015

Flexibility the New Norm in the Workplace

Yolanda Beattie of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency says flexible work should be mainstreamed across Australia, and equally accessible to women and men.


Employment Rights / Opinions / Women

Amir 1

No.1195 – 2 September 2015

What life awaits refugees granted asylum?

Freedom Stories exposes how refugees’ experiences have informed their post-settlement life in Australia.


Asylum Seekers / Reviews


No.1194 – 31 August 2015

How to be an ally to people of colour

Has your culturally-diverse friend ever told you about a time they experienced racism, and you didn’t know what to say? Right Now columnist Zoya Patel offers a helpful guide on how to respond.


Opinions / Race & Discrimination