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Young people

No.1181 – 30 July 2015

Punitive Approaches Won’t Help Young Australians Get Back to Work

Unemployment is rarely a choice for young people, writes Zoya Patel. In order to end youth unemployment in Australia, the Abbott Government needs to change its approach.


Children & Youth / Employment Rights / Opinions


No.No.1180 – 29 July 2015

Aboriginal human rights trajectory crucial reading

Deftly written and all-inclusive, No Small Change: The Road to Recognition for Indigenous Australia is a must read, writes Samaya Borom.


Indigenous People / Reviews


No.1179 – 27 July 2015

A Not-so-bright Future for Burma

Monique Hurley examines whether recent reforms in Burma are worthy of international praise and increased aid.


Expression / International Affairs / Voting Rights


No.1178 – 24 July 2015

Australian artists take action for asylum seekers

Right Now spoke to Lucy Feagins, Editor and Founder of The Design Files, to learn more about her fundraising exhibition for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre and how art can act towards social change.


Art / Asylum Seekers / Expression