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"Exit", Luka Lesson

No.898 – 23 April 2014

Luka Lesson’s search for an EXIT

EXIT is a bold and creative album with an optimistic view of migrant life, at a time when there is concern about racism creeping to Australian hip-hop, writes Mabel Kwong.


Race & Discrimination / Religion / Reviews

Soviet Sleepers

No.897 – 14 April 2014

A right to be lazy? – Part 2

Do we have a right to be lazy? The Right Now Essay Series continues with Jeff Sparrows’s monograph on idleness, rights, and why we ought to work a little harder at working a little less.


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washing windscreen

No.902 – 18 April 2014

Here are the dogs

This story by Laura McPhee-Browne was shortlisted for Right Now’s Fiction Competition, judged by Anna Funder and Tony Birch.


Art / Creative Works

Abstract black lines

No.901 – 18 April 2014

Another World

This poem by Margaret Ruckert was shortlisted for the Right Now Poetry Competition, judged by Maxine Beneba-Clarke, Amanda Anastasi and Benjamin Solah.


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