Right Now

Why Criminalisation of Coercive Control is Not Enough

By Gabrielle Ebeling

Hysteria: a Review

By Maria Griffin

Hysteria is self-described as “A memoir of illness, strength and women’s stories throughout history.” In this book, Bryant tells her own journey of diagnoses, what she learns about them, and historical case studies with an equivalent diagnosis.

The Same

By Andy McQuestin

Unmoored and disconnected, new speculative fiction from Andy McQuestin explores a falling away from people, places, language and the past.

Coloured Water: Why Uranium is Allowed in the Water of NT Indigenous Communities

By Liam Grealy

“The proposal for an Indigenous voice to Parliament unites Australians because it’s a fair and modest idea. It’s a concept based on inclusive dialogue and partnership in Indigenous affairs – itself a unifying concept.”

Shireen Morris, McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellow at Melbourne University Law School