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A Man Like Ishmail – Police, Relations and Race

By Ellena Savage

By Ellena Savage. A version of this article previously appeared on the Tharunka website, and was the winner of Tharunka Non-Fiction Writing Competition. It is May, 2009. A cold, clear night; frost will set over the tips of lawns before dawn. I wait at a bar for my new boyfriend, Ishmail, an attractive Eritrean-Australian I met though […]

Police surveillance and public protest: follow up interview with Lisa Caripis

Samaya Chanthaphavong in conversation with Lisa Caripis

Lisa Caripis took Victoria Police to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal over their refusal to destroy surveillance footage of her taken at a peaceful protest in 2010. The hearing took place in mid-July. Right Now spoke to Lisa about the right to public protest, police surveillance and her feelings about the participating in the […]