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5 reasons not to give up – the refugee activists’ guide to debunking Rudd’s policy to “save lives”

By Roxanne Moore and Alexandra Scott

By Roxanne Moore and Alexandra Scott. We cheered when Rudd abolished Temporary Protection Visas. We celebrated when Rudd ended the Pacific Solution. His return to power restored our hope… then suddenly – BAM – hello Darkness, my old friend. Now what? This shrewd policy has left most of us in despair, grasping at arguments which […]

Human rights and drug policy

By James Petty

By James Petty. The question of human rights in relation to coercive treatment for substance use is, unsurprisingly, complicated. The concept of “addiction” exists within a complex web of legal categories, medical science, social values and cultural practices, all of which work to colour the way we view these issues. In 2010 the Victorian parliament […]