Rise and Fall

By Natasha Parnian | 27 Apr 15

I sat under the bright blue sky

Drunk and in awe

I told the sun to shine a little longer

Refusing to sit in the shade,

I soaked up its rays

And when sunset came

I stood tall and demanded it rise up

To shine a little longer


I ran after it when it disappeared

I yelled for it to return

I ran after the fading light

searching for it high and low.

It was out at the seaside,

When I found the sun lowering into the waves

Hiding behind the horizon

out beyond my reach.

I demanded for it to rise up

To shine a little longer…


All the limbs in my body

Crashed into the sand

And I cried

at sunset

Under the dark

black sky

I sat alone.

Night had come

But I was not satisfied with day…

Natasha Parnian has recently finished a BA Dip Ed-Secondary majoring in English literature and Ancient History. She works as a casual teacher and is a current Masters by Research student at Macquarie University interested in the historiography of the Greco-Persian wars. Her poetry has been highly commended in the 2014 Positive Words Short Story and Poetry Competition. Email Natasha at: Natasha.parnian@students.mq.edu.au.

Feature image: 白士 李/Flickr.