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Sex Workers: We know what we want

By Ryan Cole

When workers in industries other than mine are organising for rights, their ability to speak on what they need as workers is rarely questioned. However, when it comes to sex workers there is an assumption that we can’t even articulate what we want as workers, and that we can’t organise together. It is often argued […]


Anti-racism, traditional Indigenous law and religious vilification laws: the human rights wrap up

By Eva Csik

Australia’s Anti-Racism Strategy is launched Led by the Australian Human Rights Commission, Australia’s National Anti- Racism Strategy, Racism, it stops with me, was launched last week calling on all Australians to say no to racism. The strategy “sets out a three year plan for Government to work with community partners to combat racism across schools […]

Human rights and the labour rights movement

By Right Now Radio

Keelia Fitzpatrick looks at the proposition that human rights and labour rights movements run on parallel tracks. Despite being enshrined in the International Labour Organisation’s ‘Fundamental Declaration on Principles and Rights at Work’, labour rights are often treated differently to those regarded as universal human rights. Our guest is Lisa Heap, Executive Director of the […]