Culture & Community Manager

Rastko Antić Follow

Rastko is a communications specialist & writer with degrees in Human Rights & Literature. Published non-fiction include research on social movements, the right to the city, archives in post-conflict zones, & a manifesto against progress; other subjects of interest are refugee & migrant rights, contemporary queer theory, & the environment. Rastko has variously worked as a ghost biographer, private librarian, & green grocer, but today enjoys a career in the NGO sector.


Sam Brennan Follow

Sam Brennan is a researcher, editor and journalist who focuses on humanitarian and economic issues. He has worked as a reporter in Lebanon and Australia for outlets that include The Daily Star, Al-Monitor, Independent Australia, and Middle East Eye, covering environmental degradation, inequality and art. He also has experience working in the NGO sector through his role as Grants Manager at the Lebanese grass-root LGBTQI+, humanitarian and arts organisation, Haven for Artists.

Managing editor

Sarah Jacob Follow

Sarah is a freelance journalist and editor. She has published in a wide variety of print and online publications, both in Australia and abroad. Sarah completed a postgraduate journalism degree with Deakin University and her writing focuses on human rights and environmental issues across Australia and the Blue Pacific. In her previous career in conservation science and protected area management, she worked throughout Australia on wildlife, marine and terrestrial management issues, an experience that gave her insight into the intersection of environment and society. She also holds a Masters degree in Marine Science and Management.

Non-fiction editors

Charmaine Manuel Follow

Charmaine is a writer and historian from Melbourne. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours in History) and is interested in the intersection of law, history and philosophy. Her published work has appeared in Idiom, The Cambridge Journal of Education, History Australia and Revue d’histoire des texts. Before joining Right Now, she was an intern at The Conversation and a research assistant at the Monash Centre for Religious Studies.

Angus Smith Follow

Angus is a journalist, editor and media advisor who contributes regularly to leading Australian and International publications. His work has appeared in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP), Crikey,, The Guardian, Surfing Life Magazine and much more. In 2018, he travelled to the Beqaa Valley to cover the Syrian conflict with World Vision and VICE

Sarah Ramantanis Follow

Sarah is a communications professional working in the philanthropic sector. She aims to share stories of those who are trying to make a positive impact on society and implement a better life for those in need. Working in various communications roles across the not-for-profit sector, Sarah is driven by a desire to amplify the voices of those who need to be heard.

Arts editor

Kira Hartley
Kira Hartley is currently undergoing a Masters of Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an honours degree in Art History. Kira is particularly interested in creating dialogue through the visual and performing arts, as well as the various histories of art practices around the world.

Creative editor

Sara Navissi

Sara is an editor and writer with an interest in fiction and poetry that elevates diverse experiences. She holds a Master of Creative Writing, Publishing & Editing from the University of Melbourne, where her research interests centred around literary trauma theory. In particular, the traumatogenic effects of oppression and the ways in which literary representations of trauma can disrupt and embellish narrative. In her spare time, she volunteers at 100 Story Building and is a fiction reader for Overland.

Founding editor

Henrietta Zeffert
Right Now Inc (2005), Right Now Radio (2008).