Bec Bridges

Bec Bridges is an editor, writer and communications professional, she has edited print and digital magazines for non-profit organisations, peak industry bodies and the local government sector. She is interested in contemporary art of all forms, especially those that further conversations about education, identity and the effects of neoliberalism.

Managing editors

Janelle Koh

Janelle Koh is a writer, editor and law student based in Melbourne. Formerly the Managing Editor of De Minimis, the Melbourne Law School student paper, Janelle enjoys writing critically about life and the law. Her creative work has been featured in Pencilled In magazine, The Regal Fox, and is forthcoming in Farrago. Her legal research interests include legal theory, feminist jurisprudence, health law and law and Indigenous peoples.

Kat George Follow

Kat George is a writer, social justice and public policy professional. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, Vice, The EstablishmentHuck Magazine, Dazed & Confused and many others. She is currently an LL.M candidate and her research focuses on gender, economic and social rights, corporate social responsibility and the relationship between business, new technology and human rights.

Non-fiction editors

Anika Baset
Anika is a Melbourne-based lawyer and advocate with an interest in public law, corporate accountability, human rights and equal opportunity issues. She started writing for Right Now in 2016. She has previously worked with the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Liberty Victoria, the International Commission of Jurists (Victoria) and the United Nations in Cambodia.

Surya Prabhu Matondkar
Surya is an international student getting a degree in writing and literature. She enjoys building word-towers and is interested in writings that shine a light on the ‘Other’ side of literature—voices and circumstances which haven’t been touched upon before. She is also one of those people that refuses to grow up and is passionate about children’s literature. She hopes to someday work in this field.

Alice McBurney

Alice is currently a policy advisor based in Sydney. Prior to that, she was a refugee lawyer working primarily with women and girls. She wants to support new writers with new voices to share their experiences and thoughts on politics and social justice issues.

Ben Callinan

Ben Callinan is a writer and editor. He is interested in local and global politics, especially regarding issues of power, free press and access to information. He has a Masters of Writing and Publishing from RMIT and is fascinated by the ways creativity, technology and politics converge. Ben has edited a book of refugee stories called Faces of FLN and The Gazette, a daily newspaper produced during the Emerging Writers’ Festival.

Reviews editors

Kira Hartley
Kira Hartley is currently undergoing a Masters of Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an honours degree in Art History. Kira is particularly interested in creating dialogue through the visual and performing arts, as well as the various histories of art practices around the world.

Creative writing editors

Claire Wilson  Follow
Claire Wilson is a writer, poet and researcher. She has professional experience in the arts and resource development and has worked with international and non-profit organisations in Thailand, Singapore and Australia. She is a regular writer for Art Radar and Culture360 and has co-written the book Freelancing in the Creative Industries (Oxford University Press, 2015).

Sara Navissi
Sara is a New Zealand-born Iranian who lives in Melbourne. She has a Master of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing from the University of Melbourne and is a fiction editor at Right Now. As a reader, writer and editor, she is most interested in contemporary fiction, diverse representation in literature and the ways in which social justice issues can be explored in writing through quotidian encounters that elevate diverse experiences.

Charlotte Daraio
Charlotte Daraio is a writer from Melbourne. She is currently studying a Masters of Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing at the University of Melbourne and has an avid interest in film and television. She wants to live in a more switched-on society and always tries to better the ways that she contributes to the world. Her ultimate goal is to live off-grid somewhere deep in the country, with dozens of adopted pets.

Arts and culture editor

Kevin Bathman  Follow
Kevin Bathman is a designer, storyteller, writer and social change advocate based in Sydney. He is interested in using creativity to address environmental, cultural and social justice issues, and believes that the arts is an untapped avenue for catalysing change. As the founder of social enterprise, Coalition of Mischief, Kevin has worked on numerous social justice projects with not-for-profit and arts organisations to help them communicate their message better. In 2013, he co-founded Carnival of the Bold, a movement of arts for social change and is currently a Board Member for Groundswell Arts NSW, an arts sector-driven organisation to advocate for cultural diversity within the arts and media in NSW.

General manager

Rachel McFadden
Rachel is a writer, curator and social justice advocate. Prior to joining Right Now she was a journalist reporting on the social sector and covering indigenous affairs in Alice Springs and New Zealand, making radio documentaries in India and working for a grassroots artivist (art + activism) organisation in Nepal. She has founded a documentary film festival in Nepal, programmed speakers and curated human rights talks for the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival and run an arts and activism space in Melbourne. She currently works as a policy advisor for Aboriginal community-controlled organisations.


Jay von der Lippe
Jay graduated from the University of Melbourne with a B.A. majoring in history and a Juris Doctor. He has a keen interest in history and in particular the impact history has on the creation and shaping of constitutions and rights. Jay represented the University of Melbourne at the Emory Global Health Case Competition as an advisor on human rights law in the context of epidemic response. His spare time is spent digging through archives and watching horror movies.

Community manager

Katherine Matthews
Katherine Matthew graduated from The University of Melbourne with the slightly incongruous combination of a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Law. In addition to volunteering for Right Now, she also works in communications. An avid reader, she loves writing and literature and has a strong interest in social justice. She is particularly passionate about the rights of asylum seekers, LGBTI rights and gender equality.

Founding editor

Henrietta Zeffert
Right Now Inc (2005), Right Now Radio (2008).