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The Misogyny Factor & Destroying the Joint – Mid-Week Review

By Sonia Nair. It’s been an abysmal week for Australian women with a succession of calculated, ugly and unprecedented expressions of hatred catapulting talk of sexism and misogyny to the forefront of social and political discussion. When Prime Minister Julia Gillard launched the ‘Women for Gillard’ campaign last week and cautioned against abortion again becoming […]

Editorial – Sport and Human Rights (March 2013)

Right Now kicked off the month of March with our sport and human rights theme. Paul Oliver explains how, contrary to what you might expect, sport and human rights are closely connected. He tells us why sport can be an effective tool to address discrimination, encourage respect, and promote social cohesion and equality. Marking Right […]

Muslim Women Kick Goals

By Amna K-Hassan This article is part of our March theme, Sport and Human Rights. It’s also part of a series of articles looking specifically at the role of women in sport. “Football doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” This was the inscription on the medallion given to every player at the end of our […]