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Deaf Deaf Same

Phoebe Tay learns about her own culture – Deaf culture – and the similarities and differences amongst Deaf communities around the world.

Recipes & Refuge – Mid-Week Review

Food brings people together and can evoke stories. ‘Recipes & Refuge’ explores how new Australians (and subsequent generations) have used food to find their place in multicultural Australia, as well as maintain a connection to home, writes Sonia Nair

A line of people in different colours

Joyful Strains: Making Australia Home – Mid-Week Review

By Sonia Nair. A corpus of 27 highly eclectic accounts that expound upon the themes of migration, dispossession, racial oppression, hybrid identities and the fluid concept of home, Joyful Strains: Making Australia Home chronicles the incredibly important migrant experiences that have come to underline the fabric of Australia’s multicultural society. As editors Kent MacCarter and […]