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Getting into bed with AIDS

By Emmeline Tyler

By Emmeline Tyler. This article is part of our April and May focus on Arts and Human Rights. “Who wants to get into bed with the Victorian AIDS Council? BalletLab does.” – Phillip Adams. Phillip Adams BalletLab is partnering with the Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men’s Health Centre to create Kingdom, a multi-layered visual and dance performance […]

Thank you for listening

By Rebecca Lister

By Rebecca Lister. This article is part of our April and May focus on Arts and Human Rights. The first thing I notice about Karen* is her smile.  It is wide and open and when she smiles you can see her even, small teeth.  Karen smiles a lot.  At first I wonder if she smiles […]

The Art of Video Game Violence

By Brendan Keogh

By Brendan Keogh. This article is part of a series on human rights and video games. Videogames are art. Anyone who says otherwise either doesn’t know what videogames are or they don’t know what art is. Videogames are creative works produced by creative people trying to express something. It’s that simple. Just like all forms of […]

Creative Writing and Human Rights

By Blue Mahy

By Blue Mahy Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. – C.S. Lewis I believe what C.S. Lewis meant is that literature has a symbiotic relationship with the “real” world. Literature takes from the real world but within literature is also the power to reshape it. This is not to say that […]