Unicef’s papercut child rights illustrations

By Oliver Ramsay

UNICEF is committed to supporting Australia’s children and young people to learn about their rights as enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. As an agency they do all they can to equip children with the knowledge and skills to enable them to bring about positive change locally and beyond.

Rights are of little use to children and young people unless they are aware of them. UNICEF Australia’s range of free educational resources, provided through the Youth Advocate program, help introduce the concept of rights to primary and secondary aged children and equip them with skills to take action as global citizens to help realise these rights for others. These actions include speaking out as advocates for child rights at their school and celebrating UNICEF Day for Children to help realise children’s right to an education. UNICEF Australia’s Young Ambassador program also provides the opportunity for passionate youth campaigners, aged between 15-25, to work alongside UNICEF Australia to represent the views and interests of Australia’s young people as youth spokespeople.

UNICEF Australia’s new range of beautiful illustrations produced by Miriam Cox wonderfully illustrate children’s rights to help introduce younger children to their rights and responsibilities. Miriam completed an internship at UNICEF in 2011, spending much of her time hand cutting different materials to compose these wonderful works. Designing a visual articulation of human rights is not easy and we think Miriam has done a wonderful job so please view the full range of artworks here and visit Miriam’s blog for more of her work here.

Adapted from Article 6 and Article 24 of the CRC. (c)UNICEF Australia, 2012