Create the Example

The HRAFF art exhibition this year is once again a humbling collection of works that touch on weighty issues with sensitivity and wonderful creativity.

Presenting an impressive total of fourteen artists this eclectic exhibition spans multiple mediums including a large window installation on Ai Weiwei, a colourful sculpture of discarded plastic, Afghan skateboarding videos and an isomorphic map, connecting what you had for breakfast to what your first child will be called.

Immediately striking is the suspended structure in the centre of the room of 3000 colourful shards of plastic bound together in one neatly formed voluminous mass. The work by Casey Jenkins is a reference to the 3000 children who are admitted into out-of-home care in Victoria each year.

A successful feature of the exhibition is its audience engagement through interactive installations. Weight sensitive platforms manipulate a projection by Projector Obscura which asks its audience to collaborate, exploring collectiveness and community, while a rolling sheet of paper entitled ‘The World Book’ is strewn across the floor encouraging participants to draw their world.

One of the video installations documents the evolution of Skateistan, a skate school set up by Australian skateboarders Oliver Percovich and Sharna Nolan in Afghanistan. Now with 18 classroom sessions each week focused on helping children re-enrol in public schools while having fun, the documentary shows the important role skateboarding has had in shaping their lives.

Create the Example is a collection of courageous work that ought to be celebrated. Each artist has confronted significant issues individually, giving form to the infinite ways in which experiences connected with human rights are expressed.

These are some images of the exhibition and launch.




Create the Example is showing at No Vacancy Gallery until 22nd May. Additional art exhibitions hosted by HRAFF are showing at Platform Art Space and Kinfolk Café until 27th May.



Right Now is back

We’ve been taking a breather.

In that time we’ve witnessed the game changing federal election roll out in the shadow of the pandemic.
A wave of results across the country sent an unambiguous message to Canberra that Australians want action on climate change.