Human Rights Services

Castan Centre

The Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, based in the Law Faculty at Monash University, was established in 2000 and is now the leading human rights academic centre in the Asia Pacific region.  It is named after Ron Castan AM QC, a passionate advocate of human rights.  The Centre’s main areas of work are public education, research, teaching, policy, student programs and human rights training.

Centre for the Human Rights of Imprisoned People

CHRIP is a project of Flat Out , promoting human rights for people in Victorian Prisons. The work of Flat Out and CHRIP builds on the intrinsic connections between service delivery and systemic social change work that has been present since Flat Out’s inception. A number of relevant documents, reports and links can be found on their webpage.

Human Rights and the Law

Human Rights and the Law is an interactive guide to researching human rights with a focus on the law. It provides information on current and past cases both in Australia and overseas, as well as links to resources such as relevant books and journals. The guide is produced by the Law Library, in collaboration with Associate Professor John Tobin.

Human Rights are Aussie Rules

The Human Rights are Aussie Rules Project is a schools-based education program teaching children about human rights through principles of fair play and good sportsmanship. When children compare the rules of fair play in life to the rules on the sports field, concepts such as freedom, respect, equality and dignity become very easy to relate to, rather than just abstract ideas.

Human Rights Law Centre

The Human Rights Law Centre is a leading national community legal centre. The Centre promotes and protects human rights in Australia.  They contribute to the alleviation of poverty and disadvantage, and the promotion of equality and fair treatment. The Centre achieves this by undertaking a strategic combination of policy advocacy, litigation, education and capacity building.

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