Voltaire Award Recipient Yu Lipski & Reproductive Rights With Ronli Sifris // August Podcast

By Right Now Radio

This month on Right Now Radio, Ben & Rach chat to Voltaire Award Recipient Yu Lipski.

Yu Lipski, an interpreter leaving the Dandenong police station, placed a phone call to the media. Lipki’s call alerted the greater community to injustice and eventually led to a coronial inquiry into the death of Gong Ling Tang soon after being released from the police station. The Voltaire award celebrates individuals & actions that protect freedom & rights.


Last year saw Tasmania decriminalise abortion while NSW put forward “Zoe’s Law”, a law which could potentially undermine current abortion laws in the state. From new drugs to new laws, Evelyn & Ronli Sifris cover the regress & the progress of reproductive rights in Australia & worldwide.

Sifris argues, if you look at the facts & take emotion out of this issue, “when abortions are not legal and not widely accessible, women’s health suffer.”

Interview with Ronli Sifris:


August’s full podcast also features an interview with MIFF Programmer Al Cossar & discussions on human rights news in the media and on the Right Now website.

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