Right Now Radio – February Edition

By Right Now Radio

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It’s the first episode of Right Now Radio for 2016! Ben and Ev are back for another year, and after bidding farewell to the inimitable Emily Howie in 2015, they’ve decided to rotate the third host each episode. This month they are joined by Melbourne-based Indigenous feminist, Celeste Liddle.

Celeste Liddle is a proud Arrernte woman who serves as the National Indigenous Organiser for the National Tertiary Education Union in Australia. She is also a Daily Life columnist and a blogger at Rantings of an Aboriginial Feminist.

She talks to the RNR team about Australia Day/Invasion Day and what it means to Indigenous Australians, and how she felt when she wrote her viral article: How to show solidarity with Indigenous people this invasion day. She also gives her view on the fight for constitutional recognition of Indigenous people, and why it may not be the answer.

Daniel Webb is the Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre and headed the case on behalf of the 267 asylum seekers who risk being sent back to detention on Nauru. On February 3, the High Court ruled that the Government’s offshore detention practices are lawful, and Daniel talks to RNR about what that means, and what individuals can do it support the detainees. Both GetUp and Amnesty have petitions, and you can use the hashtag #letthemstay.


Review – Renewal: Five Paths to a Fairer Australia

By Georgia Cerni

Sophie Cousins’ book Renewal: Five Paths to a Fairer Australia is, in many respects, a proposal. For Cousins, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided Australians with an opportunity to reconsider the ways our society currently functions. Cousins aptly makes her case – while in some ways the pandemic reinforced burgeoning inequalities, it also presented us the chance to apply collectivist values to solve systemic problems.