Right Now Podcast 3/3/11

Anna Dorevich and David Bloch talk with Kate Gauthier, the Chair of ChilOut, about Australia’s ‘littlest prisoners’ – asylum seeker children who are detained under Australia’s mandatory detention regime.   In October last year the Government announced its plan to move the majority of children and vulnerable family groups out of immigration detention facilities and into community detention by June 2011.  But with over 1000 children still being detained across the country, the strength of this commitment has been called into question.  ChilOut has spent the last 10 years raising awareness about the plight of children in detention and campaigning for their release.

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Right Now is back

We’ve been taking a breather.

In that time we’ve witnessed the game changing federal election roll out in the shadow of the pandemic.
A wave of results across the country sent an unambiguous message to Canberra that Australians want action on climate change.