Right Now at Progress 2015

By Right Now Radio

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This month the Right Now Radio team headed along to the Progress 2015 conference to check out the “new and bold ideas” being discussed for our country’s future.

We caught up with some of the people involved –

Deputy Director of Australian Progress, Rebecca Wilson, told us about the ideas behind the conference, what “progress” means, and where to next.

We asked renowned moral and utilitarian philosopher Peter Singer about his views on human rights, and heard his views on how to be the most effective altruist and doing the most good.

CEO of St Vincent De Paul (and poet!) John Falzon told us about how together we can beat inequality and create a more equal and respectful society. “When you dream alone, it’s only a dream but when we dream together – it’s the beginning of reality.”

Following their conference session on case studies of Indigenous power in protecting their land, Dr Anne Poelina and Kylie Sambo told us about their respective local community campaigns at James Price Point and the Muckaty nuclear waste dump. And don’t miss Kylie’s amazing Human Rights Rap, far better than any Human Rights Wrap we’ve ever delivered on the show!

Finally, Australia Institute Executive Director Richard Denniss talks to us about the role of the tax and welfare systems in addressing inequality and dealing with climate change, and about the power of building coalitions between diverse groups who have a common interest. “If we can afford $50 billion for 12 new submarines to replace the six we haven’t used yet, then we can afford to address disadvantage wherever we see it.”

Further details about Progress 2015 are available at http://progress2015.org.au/.

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