Pregnancy discrimination, foreign aid & empowering theatre: Right Now Radio

By Right Now Radio

This week on Right Now Radio in our last summer fill show, we hear from Caroline about her experience of discrimination in the workplace when she returned to work after having a child, and we also speak with Melanie Schleiger, Manager of the Equality Law Program at Victoria Legal Aid, about the causes and consequences of pregnancy discrimination. Thulsi Narayanasamy, Director of AidWatch, talks to us about Australia’s foreign aid policy and recently announced cuts to the foreign aid budget. And Evelyn Tadros chats with Maud Clark AM, the artistic director of Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Company, about her experience working for over 30 years with women in prison and post release, as well as marginalised young people producing empowering theatre, music and art.

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Review – Renewal: Five Paths to a Fairer Australia

By Georgia Cerni

Sophie Cousins’ book Renewal: Five Paths to a Fairer Australia is, in many respects, a proposal. For Cousins, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided Australians with an opportunity to reconsider the ways our society currently functions. Cousins aptly makes her case – while in some ways the pandemic reinforced burgeoning inequalities, it also presented us the chance to apply collectivist values to solve systemic problems.