Presenting: RevCOUCHED Online Film Festival!

By Kira Hartley
Image courtesy of Revelation Perth International Film Festival

The 23rd Revelation Perth International Film Festival will be returning in all of its glory – but likely not until December 2020. However, for now, the good people at Revelation have arranged a virtual festival.

Running via Eventive from the 9th to 19th of July, RevCOUCHED presents a wide array of features and documentaries from all over the globe. In addition to the wonderful variety of film, COUCHED will feature a series of live panels, talk, Q&A’s and presentations, making it as close as possible to the real-life festival while still allowing you to remain in your living room.

Revelation was founded in 1997 in the backroom of a Perth jazz club. They had just two projectors and capacity for an audience of 12 for their original and often experimental films. Now, the festival has grown to over 200 films and is shown in bars and cinemas across Perth and Fremantle. More recently, Revelation has expanded their program to what they call their “academic component”, which includes a series of masterclasses, workshops, industry discussions, live performances, talks and visual art exhibitions.

The festival has developed a reputation for their high ethical standards. They are committed to a world in which all voices can be heard. The entire RevCOUCHED program looks marvellous, but this is what stood out to Right Now:

No Time for Quiet

Directed by Samantha Dinning and Hylton Shaw

The Girls Rock! Camp is an international network that runs band camps for girls, trans, and gender non-conforming youth.

In No Time For Quiet directors Shaw and Dinning document the first-Melbourne edition of Girls Rock! Camp, turning their cameras on the event and the students who attend for a week in the school holidays.

The film traces the event and the effect it has on those who find their voices at the camp, presenting an evocative and powerful documentary that tells the stories of these young people and the struggles they may face, and celebrates the possibilities offered to them by Girls Rock! 


Directed by Elke Margarete Lehrenkrauss

On the backroads of rural Germany, hidden amongst the forests and fields, are small roadside caravans. Lit by strings of brightly coloured lights, they are rented by sex workers who work from them.

The award-winning documentary Lovemobil follows three of these women and listens as they discuss their lives, their families, ambitions, and hopes. Shot over three years, the access the filmmakers have to their subjects is remarkable, and the film makes for powerful viewing. Giving voices to the women, this beautifully shot and scored documentary offers a compelling portrait of people whose lives and stories are rarely heard.


Directed by Isabel Peppard and Josie Hess

Morgana tells the story of Morgana Muses, an unhappy, unsatisfied Australian housewife who – in middle age – reinvented herself as a sex positive porn star, becoming a contemporary feminist icon for her ethically produced porn.  

Following Morgana from rural Australia to clubs in Berlin, and tracing her career and life, filmmakers Peppard and Hess create a film that celebrates Morgana’s unique career change and the worlds and communities that embraced her.

In Morgana, directors Peppard and Hess have found a fascinating and fearless subject, who tells her story with a genuine openness. Shot and edited with a real energy, there is a genuine sense of humanity that runs throughout the film, complimented with appearances from the likes of Anna Brownfield and Judith Lucy.

Scream Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street

Directed by Roman Chimienti and Tyler Jensen

Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge was released in 1985. Many horror fans initially disliked the movie, with some commenting on its gay subtext. Mark Patton, the film’s young lead, was a closeted actor, and over the following years he was profoundly affected by the film.

In Scream, Queen! Directors Chimienti and Jensen examine the film, the effect on Patton, and the fans subsequent re-evaluation of the title as a camp classic in the thirty-five years since its initial release.

RevCOUCHED is happening as we speak! Passes can be purchased from the Eventive platform. The full program of panel discussions and Q&A’s will be announced shortly.


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