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The Right to Work: Prisoners and Reintegration

This article is part of our February theme, which focuses on one of the great silences in the human rights conversation in Australia: Prisoners’ Rights. Read our Editorial for more on this theme. What challenges do prisoners with mental or cognitive impairments face when they are released back into society? Securing suitable employment has emerged as […]


Australia Needs a Rights-based Federal Homelessness Act

This article is part of our December theme, which focuses on one of the least appreciated but most fundamental aspects of well-being: housing. Read our Editorial for more on this theme. Background The Federal Government’s White Paper on Homelessness, The Road Home: A National Approach to Reducing Homelessness (White Paper), proposed the introduction of new […]


Patrick’s Case

This article is part of our December theme, which focuses on one of the least appreciated but most fundamental aspects of well-being: housing. Read our Editorial for more on this theme. Patrick is a 58 year old man who has been an involuntary in-patient in a psychiatric hospital for over seven years. He has received […]

Andrew Bolt found guilty of breaching Racial Discrimination Act

28 September 2011 Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt has been found guilty of breaching section 18 (c) of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 in the Federal Court of Australia. The case had been brought before the Federal Court by nine indigenous Australian’s including academic Professor Larissa Behrendt, activist Pat Eatock, author Anita Heiss and former […]

Federal government introduces changes to Migration Act

22 September 2011 Yesterday 21 September, the Australian government introduced into federal parliament amendments to the Migration Act 1958, which it says are needed to ensure that the Malaysia deal is beyond any High Court challenge.  The Migration Legislation Amendment (Offshore Processing and Other Measures) Bill 2011 amends the Migration Act 1958 and the Immigration […]

School Chaplains Challenge Heard at the High Court

9 September 2011 The constitutional challenge to the Government’s funding of the National School Chaplaincy Program in Williams v Commonwealth and Ors continues as lawyers for the prosecution allege that the Government’s subsidising of chaplains undermines the secularism of Australia’s Constitution. The challenge to the program was launched by Ron Williams, a Queensland parent who […]

High Court validates Victorian Human Rights Charter

9 September 2011 Yesterday, the High Court of Australia handed down an historic decision in the case of Momcilovic v The Queen (2011) reaffirming the importance of the Victorian Human Rights Charter and held that it “protects fundamental human rights and maintains parliamentary sovereignty.” In the case, Vera Momcilovic appealed against her conviction for drug […]

Landmark case on the rights of non-citizens

6 September 2011 The United Nations Human Right Committee, in a significant decision, has ruled that Australia has violated international law and the human rights of a non-citizen.  In the case Nystrom vs Australia, brought by the Human Rights Law Centre and Brian Walters SC, the Australian government had deported Stefan Nystrom in 2006 following […]

High Court Case on Deportation

5 September 2011 In Moti v The Queen [2011] the High Court is currently examining whether the Australian Government was complicit in aiding the deportation of former Solomon Islands Attorney-General Julian Moti.  Mr Moti, who holds Australian citizenship, was deported by the Solomon Islands Government in December, 2007 to face charges for alleged sexual assault.  […]

High Court Rules Against Malaysia Solution

31 August 2011 Today the High Court ruled that the Malaysia Solution was invalid. In a 6-1 judgment, the Court held invalid the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship’s declaration of Malaysia as a country to which asylum seekers who entered Australia at Christmas Island can be taken for processing of their asylum claims. Chief Justice Robert […]