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1 in 8 Australians living in poverty

By Shae Courtney

By Shae Courtney. Whilst it is true that More Economically Developed Countries (MEDCs), such as Australia, enjoy on balance a standard of living that is the envy of Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs), this standard can often mask the internal problems in developed nations. A recent study, conducted by The University of New South Wales […]

Racial profiling, violence against women and income management: the human rights wrap up

By Eva Csik

Police accused of racial profiling Concerns are mounting over African and Muslim communities being unfairly targeted by police in street patrols. Tamar Hopkins, a lawyer from the Flemington and Kensington Legal Centre in Melbourne’s inner-west, says that the police may actually be breaking the law themselves if they are in fact racial profiling. Sydney based […]

Anti-racism, traditional Indigenous law and religious vilification laws: the human rights wrap up

By Eva Csik

Australia’s Anti-Racism Strategy is launched Led by the Australian Human Rights Commission, Australia’s National Anti- Racism Strategy, Racism, it stops with me, was launched last week calling on all Australians to say no to racism. The strategy “sets out a three year plan for Government to work with community partners to combat racism across schools […]

Offshore processing, gay marriage and youth justice: the human rights wrap up

By Eva Csik

Offshore processing bill passes Senate The Senate has passed legislation which allows the offshore processing of asylum seekers who come to Australia by boat. The Government has said it is looking at getting the processing centres up and running on Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island within a month. Gavin Marshall, a factional colleague […]


By Eva Csik and Bec Devitt

Government fails on child rights The Australian Human Rights Commission has found that Australia’s treatment of suspected people smugglers who said that they were children has breached international human rights law in a report released on Friday.  The report An age of uncertainty reveal that between 2008 and 2011 Australian authorities gave little consideration to […]

Cartoon of children in drawing class


By Eva Csik and Bec Devitt

21 July 2012 Cultural Diversity and child protection A review of  Available research literature  into the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) as well as refugee families in the Australian Child Protection System (CPS) has been published. The paper looks into what areas still require research in order to meet the needs of migrants […]

Trafficking, mental disorder & sexual abuse in the ADF: The Human Rights Wrap Up

By Eva Csik and Bec Devitt

14 July 2012 Vulnerable young women subject to trafficking in Queensland mining towns According to the The Age, vulnerable young women from Southeast Asia are being trafficked for sex in booming mining towns in Queensland. Mount Isa police district Inspector Paul Biggin has said that women and girls who can speak minimal or no English, […]

Aerial photo of Nauru


By Eva Csik and Bec Devitt

29 June 2012 No clear end to the asylum seeker policy debate Last week’s asylum seeker boat tragedy reignited the debate around border protection policies. After much debate Rob Oakeshott’s bill, calling for a revival of offshore processing, has been rejected by 39 votes to 29. Prime Minister Julia Gillard said that she was willing […]

Solutions and Solutions: The Proposed Amendments to the Migration Act Explained

By John Alizzi

On Wednesday night, 27 June 2012, a Private Member’s Bill to amend the Migration Act proposed by Independent Member of Parliament Rob Oakeshott passed the Lower House of Parliament after an extended and emotional debate. The drama in the House of Representative is the latest in an ongoing story, brought to a head by the news […]