R-Coo Tran

By R-Coo Tran
R-Coo Tran is a Melbourne based student and photographer. She kindly agreed to volunteer her time to produce a “housing” themed photographic series exclusively for Right Now. Her work examines how a small area of space within a person’s home can reveal a great deal about their character and socio-economic circumstances.

Tran writes about her work:

Initially I wanted to focus on the disparities between the aesthetics of different houses in Melbourne – namely of those in the high socio-economic areas compared to those in the lower socio-economic areas. But this idea quickly became old.

Instead, I decided to approach this theme in a more creative manner

I choose to photograph windows as they are a common object you will find in every kind of housing. My interest in them is not only in the aesthetics – it also has to do with what they represent symbolically. I found that from a windowsill and it’s view you get a sense of where the house is and the situation of the people living there, as well as the type of person.

I am a final year student at Monash University. I am completing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Geography and Environmental Science and minoring in Photomedia. My works in the past have focused predominately on the economic and social circumstances often faced by people living in Melbourne’s outer Western and Eastern suburbs.

roof through house window

R-coo Tran

Urban window

R-Coo Tran

Light coming through curtain window

R-Coo Tran

forest seen through windows

R-Coo Tran

house window near kitchen sink

R-Coo Tran

barred house window

R-Coo Tran

surban house, swings outside

R-Coo Tran


Melbourne tram tracks

Don’t look away.

By Gina McColl

Right Now set a challenge for a lucky bunch of postgraduate students at the Centre for Advancing Journalism (University of Melbourne). The pay off? Scale. Impact. Investigations. New journalists launching careers with skills, contacts and credibility in climate and human rights reporting.