More than just soup

By Sadami Konchi | 06 Aug 13
The following illustrations and words are selections from blog entries by Sadami Konchi, an artist who volunteered at a soup van service for homeless people. You can read the full blog entries here.

Sketch of a soup van for homeless people

Sadami Konchi

“I helped food service for homeless people for the first time as a volunteer. There are many homeless people. Our service is run by a local church. A bus comes fortnight Saturday evening at Town Hall. I was a bit late for helping the service. Most food was gone just in twenty minutes. The staff told me, “Quick. In a few minutes, gone!” Ooops, I did not know it. With given gloves on, I handed out dessert and waited for late comers.”

sketch of a sunset

Sadami Konchi

“I was too busy to look at sunset. Already it was dark.”

Homeless people

Sadami Konchi


“A bit strange contrast… a few blocks up, there are nice cafes and gorgeous restaurants. Happy people and expensive meals. But here, people dash to cheap soup.”

sketch of a homeless person lying on a bench

Sadami Konchi

“When I help food service for homeless people, I always feel all of us seeking a place to belong to.”

Sketch of a man playing guitar for a crowd of homeless people

Sadami Konchi

“During the food service, a singer kept singing with a guitar. We sang together. Beautiful music opened homeless people’s hearts. I had long and emotional conversations with several homeless people. I’d like to listen to homeless people more and want them to have a feeling of being loved by someone on the earth.”