The Other Side of the Fence

By Elle Marsh, Marita Doak and Maddy Smith | 01 Feb 12
Photo of barbed wire with stormy clouds in the background

This article is part of our February theme, which focuses on one of the great silences in the human rights conversation in Australia: Prisoners’ Rights. Read our Editorial for more on this theme.

Our first piece for our February theme, Prisoners’ Rights, is a moving audio work which reminds us of the humanity of those we lock away. Dana Affleck, a young Melbourne woman, begins visiting refugees in detention through the Edmund Rice Asylum Seeker Project. As she forms new relationships, her experience at Villawood begins to profoundly change her.


You can also click this link to hear her story: “The Other Side of the Fence”

Audio by Elle Marsh, Marita Doak, Maddy Smith. Photograph by Simon Shiff.