The Camp (Poem)

By William Pitt | 06 Dec 12
By William Pitt. This poem is part of our December 2012 and January 2013 focus on Asylum Seekers.


                                    The huts are falling on top of each other,

                                    all trying to find a bit of light;

                                    humanity reduced to nothingness,

                                    while vultures keep their watches,

                                    already nervous for the next meal.

                                    She is all by herself now –

                                    the child is in a larger tent,

                                    where the doctors will decide the future.

                                    A friendly nurse has told her

                                    to go back to her hut and wait –

                                    she won’t change destiny

                                    by glaring into the foreboding distance.

                                    Her loneliness envelops her –

                                    to the left the neighbor is fear –

                                    to the right the neighbor is death.

                                    The smell of degradation looms thickly

                                    and permeates the bodies of passers-by;

                                    a stream of never-ending hopelessness –

                                    and yet – her part is all her own.

                                    Tomorrow might find a solution –

                                    for the world could change overnight.