By John Bartlett
Jasmine flowers Pixabay

Young men wrap themselves in flags,

and suicide on sunny days

in outdoor cafes

spreading pink mist

over soup de jour.



arching jasmine stars

explode white

perfumed hope over blue-stone walls

leading possibility by the hand

re-attaching torn limbs,

excavating coffins

from muddy graves,

allowing tears to defy gravity

run back up cheeks

and return to weeping eyes,

while candles unburn

returning the wax to bees,

– in fact

putting the whole fucking world on rewind –

then creeping softly from the room

and closing the door behind.


Review – Renewal: Five Paths to a Fairer Australia

By Georgia Cerni

Sophie Cousins’ book Renewal: Five Paths to a Fairer Australia is, in many respects, a proposal. For Cousins, the COVID-19 pandemic has provided Australians with an opportunity to reconsider the ways our society currently functions. Cousins aptly makes her case – while in some ways the pandemic reinforced burgeoning inequalities, it also presented us the chance to apply collectivist values to solve systemic problems.