Today I missed my train by 10 seconds

I have to wait 20 minutes to catch the next one

That is why I got upset and grabbed a paper and held a pen

To write something in order to relieve my anxiety

If you want to know how time is expensive just miss a train

If you want to know how a friend is valuable just miss one

If you want to know how a partner is vital just ask a divorced one

If you want to know how a mother is precious just ask an orphan

If you want to know how freedom is essential just ask a prisoner

If you want to know how democracy is significant just ask a victim of war

If you want to know how family is crucial just ask a migrant.

Yahya Abdelkarim was born in Northern Darfur, Sudan. He fled from Darfur in 2005 and lived in a refugee camp in Ghana for 2 and a half years. The Australian Government granted him a humanitarian visa in 2007. He is the Secretary of Media for Darfur Community Association of Australia and a board member of Darfur Australia Network Organization. His humble slogan for life is, life, flame of hope always burns and tomorrow would be better than today.


Melbourne tram tracks

Don’t look away.

By Gina McColl

Right Now set a challenge for a lucky bunch of postgraduate students at the Centre for Advancing Journalism (University of Melbourne). The pay off? Scale. Impact. Investigations. New journalists launching careers with skills, contacts and credibility in climate and human rights reporting.