No Asians. Your Desire

By Jake Dennis

By Jake Dennis.

This poem won the Right Now Poetry Competition, judged by Maxine Beneba-Clarke, Amanda Anastasi and Benjamin Solah. Read the shortlist here


No Asians. Your desire

armed like a swastika

one dimensional but real.

Sorry, you’ve typed, just


my preference. It’s not love

you’re after, hotaussie1989, just

a white Australia fuck



Young Aussie, strange brother,

I was born here too. Like you

my certificate bears the white

blue Southern Cross tattoo


the crest of our house,

the loam you fight to keep

our families from.


Our dicks must be a threat

if you are so concerned


of this “invasion

of Asian”. Dear brother,

I’m as hard as you



I will never be the Aussie you are,

the Aussie you want


me to be, or become

the enemy

in you.


Jake Dennis is a jazz singer and poet published in Art Monthly Australia, Cordite, The Disappearing App, Landscapes, Little Raven, Lost Coast Review USA, The Mozzie, Poetry NZ, Structo UK, and Voiceworks. He has performed with Mint Jazz Band and last year released his first original song, “Like Blown Smoke”. He has poems forthcoming in in Brief, Short and Sweet, Social Alternatives, and The Stars Like Sand. 


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