Never Known by Name

By Mary Chydiriotis

Lone Javanese vessel

twisted and battered

unwelcomed cargo spilling over its sides

Icy water gleaming

Lights brightly ranting


She hears obscure foreign voices

Unauthorised maritime arrivals

Hopes cling bleakly

Gasping for air

Cypress smiling through the sea

cardamom, saffron, fig tree

sheltering from the heat

a child borne a future seen

delirious euphoric dream

gasping for air

small among remains of her new life

discarded cloak floats away

 Never known by name

Mary Chydiriotis is a social worker and aspiring writer living in Melbourne. Her poems have been published in journals and anthologies both locally and overseas, including Social Alternatives, Garfield Lake Review, Offset, Short and Twisted and Tincture. Mary has worked with migrants and refugees in the community sector for fifteen years.

Feature image: Tom Page/Flickr