By Tessa Flemming
Poem by Tessa Flemming, Right Now journal

the fracture undetected
the cranium fine;
this is a lie.

lobotomise time
jellyfish arms standby;
rewire revive.

the pulse is a reflex,
the shudder genetic;
darlin’ you’ll survive.

lost sleep symptomatic,
Valium cortex damage;
I am so tired.

forget and forgive
I have tried;
I have tried.

and still, the Hippocampus


Melbourne tram tracks

Don’t look away.

By Gina McColl

Right Now set a challenge for a lucky bunch of postgraduate students at the Centre for Advancing Journalism (University of Melbourne). The pay off? Scale. Impact. Investigations. New journalists launching careers with skills, contacts and credibility in climate and human rights reporting.