Civic marches

By Edward Caruso
Protest march Right Now poem
Santiago del Chile, October 2009. A rally organised by medical personnel just before the arrival of water canons and police reinforcements. Photo by Edward Caruso.


Animal rights placards in wave formations.

Youth as mass tribe, post-punk anarchists.

To run into the crowd for that one opening,

protesters, banners aloft,

acquiescing to my need to merge with them.



Doctors. Nurses.

Opposite, carabinieros [1] in khaki;

the closest to me, hand on pistol.

An ambulance behind hospital workers;

combat police on motorcycles invade from Moneda,

a water cannon managing a U turn in its narrow lane.

Demonstrators, victims of an encounter with no violence;

it was there, could not be seen, but it was there.

Heavy vehicles linger, as if the marchers

melting away furthers the chants that follow.

A block away, ‘Todo Cambia’ [2] rises above the crowd.

Maybe this was the message,

across thoroughfares; dissent

in streets of relentless shadow.



[1] National police, considered part of the military.

[2] ‘Everything Changes’, Mercedes Sosa’s version.


Melbourne tram tracks

Don’t look away.

By Gina McColl

Right Now set a challenge for a lucky bunch of postgraduate students at the Centre for Advancing Journalism (University of Melbourne). The pay off? Scale. Impact. Investigations. New journalists launching careers with skills, contacts and credibility in climate and human rights reporting.