We are Aisha, Katherine, Elizabeth, Rachel and Lili

By Amirah Al Wassif | 03 Sep 19

we all washing the dishes
cleaning the floor
but we still have big wishes
our whisper turns into a roar

we all that girl who put her dream
as a dear flower in her book
we all the seekers who want to mean
we are the breakers of the same rock

we all washing the dishes
stitching the clothes
but we have big wishes
trying to find our “because”

we are Aisha, Katherine,
Elizabeth, Rachel, and Lili
we are those you described
as dangerous creatures, as silly!

pick your weapon as a fighter
sign her upon all walls
say: I am a woman/I have to enter
the massive identity wars

we all showering under the tears
of our grandmothers
we are told by authorities
sisters, not equal brothers!
you have to wait at the backyard
until the men ending their game
you have to celebrate your loss
without protest/without blame

we all cutting the carrots
with a smiley-dreamy face
we all heard scary rumours
about the future of our race
but, we still hope of the grace
yes, we still hope of the grace