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Human rights and the labour rights movement

By Right Now Radio

Keelia Fitzpatrick looks at the proposition that human rights and labour rights movements run on parallel tracks. Despite being enshrined in the International Labour Organisation’s ‘Fundamental Declaration on Principles and Rights at Work’, labour rights are often treated differently to those regarded as universal human rights. Our guest is Lisa Heap, Executive Director of the […]



By Eva Csik and Bec Devitt

8 June 2012 Australians is support of protection for whistleblowers A recent poll has shown Australians are very much in support of protecting whistleblowers and their right to go to the media. This finding debunks the notion that Australians dislike “dobbers” and calls for the federal government to introduce promised legislation to safeguard whistleblowers. Independent […]



By Bec Devitt and Eva Csik

1st June 2012 VEOHRC releases report on children relinquished into state care The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has released a report that examines instances where children with a disability are relinquished into state care. The report found that 50 or more families are surrendering the day to day care of children with […]



By Bec Devitt and Eva Csik

13 April 2012 Sentencing Advisory Council releases report on sentencing children and young people in Victoria The Victorian Sentencing Advisory Council has released a report which aims to fill the gap in publicly available data on the sentencing of young offenders in Victoria. Sentencing Children and Young People in Victoria Report includes a discussion of […]

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This Week’s Human Rights News

By Eva Csik

9 February 2012 Australian Lawyer’s Alliance warns of risk of increase in Indigenous incarceration rates The Australian Lawyers alliance has warned that high incarceration rates among Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders could get worse if the federal government pursues its plan to launch a second phase of the Northern Territory intervention. The legislation will expand […]


Changes to the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act 2010

DATE: 6 MAY 2011 Yesterday, the Victorian Government introduced amendments to the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 in parliament.  These changes reduce the ability of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission to  “respond effectively to systematic discrimination.” The amendments maintain the Commission’s key functions on identifying and addressing discrimination including through education and dispute […]