Right Now Radio Podcast 11/8/11

By Right Now Radio

Saudia Arabia was left relatively untouched by the uprisings for democracy that swept the Arab world in early 2011. However this year a smaller, but remarkably passionate and dynamic movement has hit the country- it has been labeled the ‘Women’s Spring’. It is being led by a group of Saudi women who are using the internet to bring an end to the religious ban that prevents them from driving. We will look at the campaign with Aziza Abdel-Halim, President of the Muslim Women’s National Network Australia, and whether the campaign will find success.

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droplets fiction creative

Immigrant droplets

By Ellen Perdriau

The Bay looked over at Pebble Street with mild interest as a battle-hardened station wagon pulled up to the largest of the waterfront mansions. It was a clear winter morning and the enormous floor-to-ceiling windows reflected the oily water with a clarity The Bay could only dream of. A family clambered out of the car […]