Interview with Antony Loewenstein – The Thursday Podcast

By Right Now Radio
Christmas Island. Photo credit: Antony Loewenstein

Right Now Radio’s Rachel Ball and Emily Howie spoke to Antony Loewenstein about his new book, Profits of Doom.

They spoke about the privatisation of detention facilities, journalism and Antony spoke about the importance of hope in his book.

One of the things that was also important to me was to not just write a book that was simply saying ‘things are broken’, and in many areas if you write about human rights or wars in Afghanistan, I was there last year, you go there and you can’t sort of walk away feeling hopeful, you’d be delusional, but there’s also things…there are people who are resisting, and providing alternative ways and I think it’s important. I don’t think it’s a journalist’s role necessarily to provide a three step method to improve the world I mean other people can do that…but I think it was important for me to provide examples of individuals who inspired me in these places…

You can read the extract of Profits of Doom where Antony visits Curtin Immigration Detention Centre here.

Listen below, or download the whole podcast (56 minutes).