Cognitive impairment in the Northern Territory

By Right Now Radio
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This article is part of our June theme, which focuses on Indigenous People and their human rights. Read our Editorial for more on this theme.

In the Northern Territory, people with cognitive impairment who have been charged with a crime can be imprisoned indefinitely if deemed unfit to make a plea. Felicity James speaks with former police prosecutor Ian McKinlay about his work as a guardian for three prisoners in Alice Springs and the disproportionate impact on the Northern Territory’s Aboriginal population.

Download the podcast here (24:38min/23MB).



Blackout (poem)

By Bänoo Zan

Bänoo Zan’s poem was written in the aftermath of countrywide protests against sudden steep rise in fuel price in Iran on November 15. Authorities shot down the Internet of the whole country and embarked on a horrific killing spree. Amnesty International has so far verified 208 deaths in less than a week.