Are Victoria’s Koorie Pathways Schools Sustainable? – The Thursday Podcast

By Right Now Radio
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Continuing with Right Now’s theme of children’s rights, Right Now Radio looked at Victoria’s Koorie Pathways Schools. A Victorian government commissioned review has described them as unsustainable. But have we heard the full story?

Felicity James spoke with Woolum Bellum College principal Matthew Snell and teacher Lynnette Solomon-Dent about their school in Morwell and their response to the review findings and media coverage of the issue.

Download the podcast here: Are Victoria’s Koorie Pathway Schools Sustainable? (11MB).



Blackout (poem)

By Bänoo Zan

Bänoo Zan’s poem was written in the aftermath of countrywide protests against sudden steep rise in fuel price in Iran on November 15. Authorities shot down the Internet of the whole country and embarked on a horrific killing spree. Amnesty International has so far verified 208 deaths in less than a week.