Anne Manne and Flybz – The Thursday Podcast

By Right Now Radio
image credit: Asher Hirsch

Listen to the November episode of Right Now Radio to hear Ben, Rach and Ev chat to Anne Manne about her new piece on the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse, Fablice from the Flybz on their new single ‘Child’ Soldier’ with Paul Kelly, and the latest must see human rights events.

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Want to know more about the Royal Commission, Anne Manne, or other authors mentioned on the show?

  • Here is Anne’s powerful piece on the Royal Commission
  • Other essays by Anne Manne
  • Info on the Royal Commission
  • Media coverage of the Victorian Inquiry
  • Helen Garner’s numerous articles
  • A review of Stanley Cohen’s States of Denial
  • Chrissie Foster’s Hell on the Way to Heaven book
  • Marie Keenan’s Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church review



Here’s some more info on Flybz, their music, and the conflict in Burundi.



Want to hit up the fabulous events mentioned in the podcast? Look no further.

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  • Henrietta

    This was a brilliant show. I loved the interview with FLYBZ. ‘Child Soldier’ is a beautiful, moving piece. What a talented group. Thanks heaps Right Now Radio for bringing this to us!