Poem: Bloody regime

By Yahya Abdelkarim

Bloody regime

If the key of paradise was in the hands of Sudan’s regime, I would reject it

If the signing of peace accord save Sudan’s regime, I would dismiss it

If religion was in the name of Sudan’s regime, I would be godless

If prayers bring Darfuri people rights, I will practice it

If a pact with evil causes death for Al bashir, I will sign it

If the fight for freedom is a crime, I will commit it

If struggle was a gift, I would present it to War’s victims

If the if brings freedom soon, I will add more if


Yahya Abdelkarim was born in Northern Darfur, Sudan. He fled from Darfur in 2005 and lived in a refugee camp in Ghana for 2 and a half years. The Australian Government granted him a humanitarian visa in 2007. He is the Secretary of Media for Darfur Community Association of Australia and a board member of Darfur Australia Network Organization. His humble slogan for life is, life, flame of hope always burns and tomorrow would be better than today.




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  • Hanne

    Strong words Yahya! I look forward to reading more of your poetry.

  • Yahya

    Thanks a lot Hanne, I will